Coaching During Covid- U11s


During the current break in matches it is important for our players & coaches to remain sharp both mentally & physically so with that in mind I will be putting together a selection of weekly online learning sessions to ensure we all keep on our learning path, understand the benefit of the sessions & how they can help us progress.

The first selection is on PRESSING….one of the most overused words in modern football from the 5v5 U7s game right up to the top level. We all understand the basics of what pressing is, we see Man City and Liverpool excel at it. But what about coaching & learning it? It’s broken down simply in this series of videos with David Moyes.

  • 1 – Pressing Masterclass With David Moyes – The Interview
  • 2 – Pressing Masterclass With David Moyes – 1v1 Pressing
  • 3 – Pressing Masterclass With David Moyes – Pressing From The Front
  • 4 – Pressing Masterclass With David Moyes – Small Sided Game


Keeping up with fitness during lockdown is important so here is a simple list of exercises to do at home along with a seperate eight minute U11 fitness session hosted by Igor Ferrera from Turf City FC for you to try

Pupsy’s 5 Day Fitness Schedule

Stamina Building

This is an easy 5 day schedule with rest days at the weekend. 5 runs up your home stairs using both quick feet & arms (walk back down the stairs). Progress in increments of 5 sets until you reach 25, this should take approx 2 weeks.

Core Exercise

Sit on the floor facing your sofa with your knees bent & feet touching the sofa (or placed underneath if possible). Hands touching ears (do NOT pull yourself up with your arms) & with your back flat on the floor. Pull up using your belly muscles & touch your right elbow to your left knee followed by your left elbow to your right knee using your waist to twist. Both knees should be touched in each sit-up.

Fitness Training Plan

This may be a bit advanced for some but it is age appropriate to us so I’m really interested to see how we do with it.

Goalkeeping Exercise

100+ easy goalie exercises for core strength, hand eye coordination & concentration