U10 Archive (2019/20)

Leicester & District Mutual League

Carib SSFC U10’s – Lev 1

A fantastic league season saw us unbeaten in all of our LDML fixtures, only losing in 2 friendlies & an academy match vs LCFC.

A great effort by all of the players & coaching staff with some fantastic individual performances, especially from the players that have achieved the big step up from our development squad to our competitive squad during this season.

Carib Windrush U10’s – Lev 5

A solid season for our U10 development side with plenty to be proud about and some great highlights to look back on for the players & coaches.

Sadly with the season coming to an abrupt end there are no cup competitions to report.

Season Awards

  • Most Man of the Match (Carib) – Mattias Pilar
  • Most Man of the Match (Windrush) – Josh Readdie

  • Most Assists (Carib) – Jonathan Lenga
  • Most Assists (Windrush) – Mo Saleem

  • Top Goalkeeper (Carib) – Morley Clarke
  • Top Goalkeeper (Windrush) – Mal Hope

  • Top Goal Scorer (Carib) – Jonathan Lenga
  • Top Goal Scorer (Windrush) – Josh Readdie

  • Most Goal of the Day (Carib) – Kayin Meshach
  • Most Goal of the Day (Windrush) – Josh Readdie

  • Clubman of the Year (Carib)– Motassim Suleman
  • Clubman of the Year (Windrush) – Raiyan Batka

  • Most Improved Player – Leo Hagos
  • Most Improved Player – Mo Saleem

  • Impact Player of the Year – Darsim Jabar
  • Impact Player of the Year – Ahmed Chaouali
  • Impact Player of the Year – Zain Matin

  • Goal of the Season (Carib) – Kayin Meshach
  • Goal of the Season (Windrush) – Zain Matin

  • Top Defender (Carib) – Motassim Suleman
  • Top Defender (Windrush) – Ahmed Chaouali

  • Top Midfielder (Carib) – Kayin Meshach
  • Top Midfielder (Windrush) – Mo Saleem

  • Player of the Year (Carib) – Jonathan Lenga
  • Player of the Year (Windrush) – Josh Readdie

  • Managers Player of the Year (Carib) – Mattias Pilar
  • Managers Player of the Year (Windrush) – Mal Hope
  • CFS, U10 LEV 1 & Academy Matches – Carib SSFC
  • WFS & U10 LEV 5 – Carib Windrush